Photo Courtesy of Marcus Poffenberger, all rights reserved.

The International Tarpon Conservation Association, LLC ("ITCA") is conducting this research in coordination with the Tarpon & Bonefish Research Center.  The Tarpon and Bonefish Research Center (TBRC) at the University of Miami (UM) is an unparalleled leading international initiative for gathering and sharing scientific knowledge, educational resources and policy development related to the sustainment of marine sport fisheries and their ecosystems. The unique center raises awareness across the recreational fishing and scientific communities  necessary to promote collaborative efforts which result in, sustainable outcomes for tarpon, bonefish and permit populations.

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While ITCA adheres to the theory of 'do no harm', the fish in the picture used on this website was lip-gaffed to facilitate the placement of a satellite tag.  While research has shown that lip-gaffing a tarpon does not create a significant negative impact on the fish's subsequent survivability or ability to forage, we still recommend that lip-gaffs not be used unless absolutely necessary.